• Clinical Benefits

    Unique mechanism of action: Low pressure, non-contact, liquid nitrogen spray is designed to flash freeze and selectively destroys unwanted tissue while preserving the underlying collagen matrix.

    Versatile: Cryospray allows for a touch-free, even thermal injury for consistent, controlled application of liquid nitrogen for multiple procedures or applications:

    • Field or focal area ablation
    • Nodular or flat lesions
    • Superficial or deep

    Flexible: Reinforced, braided catheter design enables access to difficult to reach anatomy and allows retroflexed cryospray application.

    Demonstrated safety: Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic with well-characterized hemostatic and analgesic effects in clinical use.

    Well-tolerated: Patients generally experience a low pain and side-effect profile and are often able to quickly return to normal activity.

    Proven in practice: Spray cryotherapy is physician controlled and performed under direct visualization in more than 17,000 patient procedures*.

    *Based on internal sales data.