• Frequently Asked Questions

    Which patients are candidates for spray cryotherapy?
    Only your doctor can determine which ablation therapy is best for you. Candidates for spray cryotherapy may include patients with severe dysplasia of the esophagus, obstructions or unwanted tissue in the esophagus, trachea or bronchus. Talk with your physician to determine if spray cryotherapy is an appropriate option for you.

    How does spray cryotherapy remove unwanted tissue?
    Using the truFreeze® System, your doctor will spray liquid nitrogen on the unwanted tissue to flash freeze and destroy it. The target area will be frozen and thawed for a period of time as determined by your doctor. The freeze-thaw cycle is typically repeated several times. Following therapy, the frozen tissue dies and sloughs (falls) off allowing new tissue to regenerate in its place.

    How does spray cryotherapy kill diseased cells while enabling healthy cells to regenerate?
    Cryotherapy literature documents that using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze diseased tissue selectively destroys cells while preserving the underlying collagen matrix. This promotes normal healing with less fibrosis and scar tissue.

    Have other patients chosen spray cryotherapy?
    Yes – more than 11,000 patient procedures have been performed. This therapy is offered at more than fifty medical centers across the country.

    Is spray cryotherapy safe?
    Yes – cryotherapy, in general, is a well-known and understood treatment approach that has been used for decades to effectively ablate skin, breast, liver, cervical, prostate and lung tissue. CSA Medical’s patented system to provide cryotherapy inside the body in a fine spray has been well described in peer-reviewed publications and has been used in clinical practice in thousands of procedures. Your doctor will describe any potential risks associated with your treatment with you prior to the procedure.

    Is the procedure covered by my insurance?
    Spray cryotherapy ablation is reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid and usually covered by most commercial insurance carriers. Please check with your insurance company for specific details about your plan.

    My doctor and I decided to use spray cryotherapy for me. What now?
    Your doctor will schedule your appointment and give you detailed instructions on what to do the day before the procedure to prepare. Remember that you’ll need someone to bring you home from the hospital after this procedure. Although it depends on the application, most people resume eating the same day and normal activities the next day