• Patient Perspectives

    “From my perspective, Spray cryotherapy was a non-event. I went in, got my intravenous line and pain medication. It didn’t knock me out, but I don’t remember a thing. There was no pain afterwards. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things went.”

    -Myron R. (Bethesda, MD)

    “We did the procedure on Monday and I went to work on Wednesday, so there wasn’t a lot of down time at all.”

    -Cathy K. (Dallas, TX)

    “What spray cryotherapy did for me was to offer a ray of hope. Overall the procedure was not unpleasant, nor were the side effects intolerable. I went back to work the day following the procedure.”

    -Vincent C. (Baltimore, MD)

    “I have been fighting esophageal cancer for 7 years and have undergone esophagectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. Each of these measures stopped the cancer for a while, but the cancer has come back. My doctor recommended that I try spray cryotherapy to provide palliative care for my cancer given that I am 81 years old and unable to tolerate these aggressive treatments again. I have been having treatments for the past year and I am pleased to say that my tumor has shrunk significantly. I believe that my doctors and spray cryotherapy have added quality years to my life.”

    -Don D. (Bethlehem, PA)