• RejuvenAir® Procedure


    RejuvenAir® Procedure

    The RejuvenAir® procedure is performed in an operating room or bronchoscopy suite, under general anesthesia.

    The treatment sites are accessed through a bronchoscope that is inserted into the lungs through the patient’s mouth. During a procedure, a physician will spray between 10 and 30 Metered Cryosprays™ at specified locations within the patient’s lung. The amount of liquid nitrogen delivered to the treatment site is determined when the treatment location is selected on the user interface.

    Metered Cryosprays are delivered in 1 cm increments to the first segmentals, lobar bronchi, main stems and lower trachea of patients with chronic bronchitis. The console controls the amount of liquid nitrogen delivered based on the nominal diameter of the airway.

    Because liquid nitrogen is so cold (-196oC), the treatment site freezes within seconds. This destroys the cells at the surface, and leaves the extracellular matrix intact, which promotes the development of new healthy cells. The cell regeneration process is continuous, leading to cell repopulation within days.

    The RejuvenAir therapy takes place in more than one procedure day to allow time for the lung to heal before further treatment.


    The RejuvenAir® System is currently under clinical investigation and is not commercially available