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    Metered Cryospray paper

    AJRCCM Letter to the Editor – Safety and histological effect of liquid nitrogen metered spray cryotherapy in the lung


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    ERS 2018 Early Morning Mini-Symposium


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    Completion of Treatments in the  RejuvenAir Safety and Feasibility Study for patients with Chronic Bronchitis

    RejuvenAir clinical data presented at ERS Mini-Symposium

    ERS 2017 Mini Symposium featuring the RejuvenAir System

    First publication of RejuvenAir clinical data

    RejuvenAir commences Phase B of clinical study

    Early clinical data presented at ERS 2016

    CSA Medical to host Mini-Symposium at ERS 2016

    RejuvenAir treatment highlighted in Daily Mail article

    First Chronic Bronchitis patient treated with the RejuvenAir system

    First presentation of RejuvenAir clinical data


    The RejuvenAir® System is currently under clinical investigation and is not commercially available.