• Passive Venting Solutions

    the truFreeze System may be used for both benign and malignant pulmonary applications, including:

    • Benign stricture
    • Tumor burden
    • Malignancies
    • Post-intubation trauma
    • Hemoptysis
    • Stent management
    • Stricture management
    • Lung transplant anastomosis stricture
    • HPV
    • Wegener’ granulomatosis

    “After noting the experience in GI and other institutions along with our own experience with Spray Cryotherapy we have fundamentally changed our approach to endobronchial tumor management for palliation in advanced malignancies involving the central airways. Preservation of the central airways with a staged approach using SCT has become our preferred clinical practice.”

    Robert Browning, J. Francis Turner Jr, Scott Parrish,

    Spray Cryotherapy (SCT): Institutional evolution of techniques and clinical practice from early experience in the treatment of malignant airway disease; Journal of Thoracic Disease; vol 7 Suppl 4 December 2015