• truFreeze®

    Stopping Disease Cold

    The truFreeze System is CSA Medical’s latest advance in spray cryotherapy technology.  The device uses a patented technology to deliver extremely cold (-196° C) liquid nitrogen through a small catheter to produce touch-less flash freezing of a variety of tissue surfaces. During this process, cells are selectively destroyed while the underlying collagen tissue structure is preserved providing a scaffold for healthy tissue to re-grow.

    The new truFreeze System was developed based on clinical user feedback and features a number of design enhancements over previous systems:


    • Improved thermal and pressure control with less gas pressure in vivo
    • Integrated pressure sensing capabilities to allow real-time pressure monitoring for improved control and safety while passive venting
    • Two flow settings combined with active and passive venting options for increased procedure flexibility
    • Uniform, non-pulsing flow for a consistent, touch-free delivery of cryogen to the ablation site
    • New stainless steel reinforced catheter enables 180 degree retroflex allowing access to previously inaccessible ablation areas
    • Built-in active suction with high and low warnings


    • 60% smaller console footprint for a better fit in the gastroenterology suite or operating room
    • 80% less set-up time with automated start-up diagnostics for faster preparation
    • Touch screen for fast, simple and intuitive operation
    • Automated pre-cooling for faster procedure times
    • Faster and simpler liquid nitrogen filling process