• Esophageal Cancer

    Only truFreeze Spray Cryotherapy, utilizing the deep cold of liquid nitrogen (-196 C) creates cell death at a level deep enough to kill malignant cells. Malignant cell kill with truFreeze is 1 mm deep over a 2 cm2 area.

    “I have been fighting esophageal cancer for 7 years and have undergone esophagectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. Each of these measures stopped the cancer for a while, but the cancer has come back. My doctor recommended that I try spray cryotherapy to provide palliative care for my cancer given that I am 81 years old and unable to tolerate these aggressive treatments again. I have been having treatments for the past year, and I am pleased to say that my tumor has shrunk significantly. I believe that my doctors and spray cryotherapy have added quality years to my life.”

    Don D (Bethlehem, PA)